Thursday, 2 April 2009

Srah Srang: 01/04/09

This is home for the next 2 weeks.
P.s. It took 20 minutes to upload this 1 photo.


  1. hey Mr very happy you mentioned me in you travel journal :)
    Last night i dreamed again, that i was back in srah srang...i dream this quite often...Mow, more then ever i have definetly decided to save money and go there, before i will go off to the land of maternity madness. I feel i somehow let them down for not visiting for such a long time. When we were leaving...i primised to be back within 2 years...uff....6 years have passed since


  2. That 20 minutes of patience was totally worth it. It looks incredible.

  3. Hi Tom , well you are certainly learning the way other people live it must be quite an experience. I think it is good that some peolple are able to retain the culture and way of life. I do not think that everybody is happy after they change to a more modern way of living as they eventually loose there own individaul culture. As already commented by others it might have taken twenty minutes to download that picture but is was certainly worth it.We are currently having a better spell of weather which is good it makes you feel better and want to get on with things.Carry on enjoying yourself but take good care love Christine and Malcolm.