Thursday, 9 July 2009

End / Start

This is probably the last post. I cant think to summarize - and I also dont think it's possible or that I indeed need to being that this whole blog has been one big summary - so from now on feel free to find more interesting things to read on the internet in your not so free time.

What I will say is that I will miss the adventure a day that South-East Asia has provided. The careful chaos and arbitrary anarchy that i've enjoyed so much - a health and safety state this is not. I will also miss the people, local and traveling, the ones I knew for hours and ones I knew for days (or weeks). Thanks for being my best mates in minutes and making my trip what it was.

Special applause goes to Elephant Nature Park and the amazing people of Srah Srang village, I wont forget you lot in a hurry. You guys were undoubtedly the highlight of my trip, I know this without even having to think twice about it. I cannot however pick a favourite country because they were all so different and so good in their own way. I was probably more sad to leave Cambodia than any other country so if you want to use that as your answer you may.

I remember day 1, January 12th 2009, looking at my hand scrawled calendar (with Bangkok being all obnoxious in the background) and seriously wondering how I was going to survive the 180 days. But now, I dont think 180 days has ever gone so fast.

Goodbye from here, here, here & here and I will see you in the flesh as of Saturday morning. I am excited and I am not excited, probably more anxious about coming home than I was about leaving, a fear of the routine I suspect. The wonder.

End / Start. X


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  2. Powerful and touching closing comments Tom. I almost shed a tear from my face eye. So glad and proud you enjoyed Cambridge so much (I live near there). Though you must learn to spell it correctly.

    What will I read now? Facebook messages, Tweets, e-mails, my own writing... (i.e. plenty).

    It's been emotional (for you I'm sure).


  3. wow Tom, what a lovely way to end... i certainly shed a tear ... every part of your blog was such a joy to read i,m sure lots of people are going to miss it , it,s been such an adventure not only for you but all of us .

    love mum & dad xx