Sunday, 28 June 2009

Chiang Mai

Back in Thailand and it's very weird to be back. An 8 hour (estimated 5) journey from the border and im back where I was 5 months ago. It think it's overly weird because I know it's nearly the end of my trip and the fact i've been here before, somehow wishing it was somewhere new. I am only here for one full day this side of E.N.P - which I definitely am looking forward to - and because it's a Sunday I get to explore the once-a-week Sunday Market for the penultimate time to stock up on carved wooden bowls, cheesy t-shirts, baggy pants and fancy jewellery. You know, stuff I like.

I will be gone for a week so unfortunately will miss Mr. Havell's and Mr. Hornsby's birthdays so hope you have good ones, I know how much my international birthday greetings go down, especially with a personal photograph. Perhaps a carved wooden bowl will make up for it (?).

I will return with a mere 4 days till home time, scary. Goodbye for now. X

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  1. Hi Tom, doesn't seem possible in two weeks time you'll be back home! The weather here has been warming up for your return. We're in the middle of Wimbledon and Andy Murray has made it through to the second week but Nadal pulled out before the start with an injury so the reigning champion isn't there. No doubt youv'e heard that Michael Jackson has died. That, of course is the main news topic. Glad youv'e arrived safely in Thailand, you'll enjoy the rest of your time there. Have more fun. Love C & M. P.S. thanks for the postcard. xxx