Friday, 12 June 2009

Sa Pa

Unbelievable. The most impressive place in Vietnam. It's strange how after 5 months of Asia you can still be impressed. It's mountains and valleys, carved with fields of crops like green steps. Every photo is a postcard.

I didn't do any trekking here although it's a big reason people come. Instead, along with 2 guys I met on the Ha Long Bay trip, rented motorbikes and did two days of exploring. Although saying that I did do a three hour trek to Cat Cat village the first day I got here. It was a proper descend through the clouds job along a winding road which slowly revealed the friendly farming community stretched out across the valley. G for Glorious (probably).

Tomorrow im going to a town South called Dien Bien Phu for one night before heading across the border to Laos at some point on Sunday. I hear horror stories about the border crossing to Laos (i.e a million hours) but Valium in hand, it will hopefully be a blur.

This is one of those short posts. I am on the beer. X


  1. Hi Tom well we managed to guess right that you were going to cross Laos. Looked at the atlas and thought ok going back to Thailand whats in the way,well only one country so thats it.Vietnam seems to have been a mixed bag for you,will be interested to see what you find in Laos struggling a bit to find much on the internet about it at the moment. Your six months seemed to have flown by going to seem really boring back in the UK and things are a bigger mess than ever, don't see it improving for ages and might well get a lot worse.Hope the border crossing did not take to long guess it is just a case of being patient.Looking forward to a nice roast dinner today with lovely roasty tats yummy!! Keep on enjoying your trip it has sounded a great adventure. Take care love Christine and Malcolm

  2. Hi Tom, it's not all bad here, we've just had a really lovely summers day (yes just one!)and apparently it's going to be a hot summer so there's something to look forward to atleast!

    Wimbledon is a week tomorrow and in the warm up tournament at Queens Andy Murray became the first British player in 71 years to win there! Anyway that's enough British news, enjoy the rest of your time, and see you soon! :)
    Love Nick & Amy