Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bye Bye Pai.

OK so tomorrow im off back to Chiang Mai for one night, then heading South to a place called Sukhothai (it's inbetween Chiang Mai and Bangkok). I dont think i'll be there long, maybe just one day and one night, there's a few places I want to go before heading getting to Bangkok for the 1st of March (that's when I head to the Southern islands) so will have to be a bit of a location hopper until then. Other places I intend to go are Ayutthaya (and hour from Bangkok), Khao Yai National Park (East of Ayutthaya) and Kanchanaburi (West of Bangkok to ride the Death Railway over the River Kwai - which im guessing wont be the happiest of trips considering it's history but educational none the least). So yeah, a lot to do 13 days... by my standard atleast.

The last two days me and my friend Marc (from Oxford - bumped into him 3 times on my trip so far, small world huh?) have been exploring Pai on motorbike (dum dum dum!... Dont worry, I was actually a really good driver, 110 km/h and all) so have visited a few waterfalls, the hot springs, Pai Canyon... Scenery has been beautiful, but the annoying thing about mo-peds is you pass too much too quickly, so many photo opportunities missed. Oh, and for the record, never put a rubbish water bottle in your bag with a rubbish lid because it leaked all over my guide book and journal... BIG grrr... Luckily my journal has dried without any real damage but my Rough Guide... It looks like someone's been playing football with it in the rain :(

Now I know i've been saying this for like a week but tomorrow when im in Chaing Mai I will definitely be sending some stuff home. I think it takes about 4 weeks or something but I was putting it off to add a few more bits otherwise it hardly seemed worth it. Also, postcards, doing that tomorrow aswell, but, thinking about it, my blog is pretty much a long continuous postcard anyway so might be tricky finding something to write. Maybe i'll draw you each a picture (?) because you all know how much of a talented drawer I am (?).

Oh, and one more thing, being that im trying to keep this blog honest, I thought I share with you that I was sick for the first time last night. Yeah, have no idea what happened, had lunch, felt fine, 3 hours later after walking around the markets felt a bit unusual (that's the medical term) and that continued till about 10pm when I went home, then I was just sick throughout the night. It was almost like my stomach was saying (in a Brian Blessed esc voice) "No Thomas, I will not let this food pass by, it is very bad and will cause many problems". But this morning I felt pretty much fine (weird) and I haven't been or felt sick so all is normal, I was just grateful it was coming from my mouth and not the other end. I am taking it easy today though so thus the reason for another long post. And no mum, there's no need to send in the Red Cross, im fine.

P.s. I watched Slumdog Millionaire in a bamboo cinema a few nights ago, really good film! If you haven't seen it already go (Chris Elphick im looking in your direction), it's like a cross between City of God and... One of those movies which makes you feel good afterwards - a heart warmer yes.



  1. Well Tom that twisty road caught up with you in the end,you shouldn't have mocked that girl who was bad.HA HA!! Glad you are OK now and able to continue the adventure. 110 km on a moped who was pushing sounds a bit hairy man!!.PLeased you are finding the scenery so good its looks great on the internet and your pictures were great.Your blogs are full of info and are a great read we are always looking forward to the next episode and tracing your progress. Tsake good care love Christine and Malcolm xxx

  2. Hi Tom, hope your feelin better esp if your travelling back down those twisty roads... drink lots of water, you be carefull on those mopeds :-( (i,m not sure about them...) not much news here, the snow,s gone & benson,s still being a good boy :-) I,m teaching dad the computer so he,ll be able to look up the blogs himself.. this could be a long job though, but will save on paper & ink . It,s nice you keep meeting up with marc his pictures were good with the tigers but a terrible shame that there tied & druged (another tourist stunt ?) anyway i.d better go dads crying for crumpets ... look forward to the next blog.. Take care mum & dad xx

  3. Hey Tom!

    It's Amy...Nicks Amy in case you know more than one! Thought I'd say a quick hello...sounds like you're having a great time (apart from the whole throwing up thing..but hey I have nigths like that just from going to Richmond haha). I too am jealous, I'd love to have even just a week away..oh the joys of having a mortgage!!!! No big news here...Kody says hi, she loved the snow too, went running through it with her mouth wide open eating it!

    Well keep blogging its nice to see where you are and where you're going next..and keep safe! Love Amy x