Thursday, 19 February 2009


After leaving Pai I spent one more night in Chaing Mai, where as promised I posted home some stuff. It should take 3-4 weeks because I did it economy air mail (strangely cheaper than economy sea mail which takes 2-3 months - weird no?) so let me know when or if that arrives. I have a number and a website to check where it is in the world, but how accurate that is I dont know.

My bus to Sukhothai from Chaing Mai took 6 hours and amusingly, I was befriended by a Thai lady called Doi who 10 minutes into a semi-conversation, got out her Thai-English "Love" book and started pointing out phrases like 'Handsome' and 'You take ride with me?', then insisted (because she lived in Sukhothai) that I go stay with her. I laughed quite alot and continued to sit near her (with iPod on) but declined her offers - she had a very severe face.

Im staying at a place called Ban Thai Guesthouse by the river and it has a great shower - at full power it leaves scars - and the people here are really nice. This is a very quiet part of Thailand though, doesn't get the flow of travellers that the North or South get, but I kinda knew that before getting here. Yesterday I rented a bike (non-motor variety) and spent the day visiting the Old City and the temple ruins, felt like I hadn't been on a bike in ages so enjoyed cycling around. The ruins were really impressive, lots of buddhas and temple relics, alot of them in really good condition. There were about 14 sites to visit and if im honest, by site number 10 it was getting a bit same-same, but I tried to ignore that and see everything with new eyes. They were definitely the best ancient ruins i've seen in Thailand so far and a great taster for Angkor Wat in Cambodia - will upload pictures when I get to Bangkok.

In the evenings there isn't much to do here, at about 6:00pm everyday day on the other side of the river there is a mass public aerobics session, reminded me of something that would happen in China but it never ceases to amuse, especially the music they use - lots of Western remixes. Oh, and although observing, I haven't yet taken part. I've mostly been reading and sitting on the deck outfront of the guesthouse, finished a book in 2 nights (settle down) which is the fastest ever for me. Whether it was a really good book or whether I was that bored I dont know, but I enjoyed regardless... Probably a good book come to think of it.

Im leaving today on a night bus to Ayuttaya (saves on accomodation) which takes another 6 or so hours. Im not sure what to expect in Ayuttaya, more temples and ruins I think but there seems to be a bit more to do, especially because of it's proximatey to Bangkok. If not, well im 2 hours into "The God Delusion" audiobook - thanks Mark Pavey, it's good so far - which should keep me company. Will update at some point between now and then... Whenever then is.


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  1. Hi Tom peace and love man six hour love ride with Doi!!! think I'd rather eat cold porage.Wonder whether you will do the night safari at the Khai Yai National Park?.Ban Thai Guesthouse sounded pretty cool place to chill out on your travels. Nothing much going on here same old boring stuff continual goverment screw ups and lies sure we would be better off without any of them. Bet you will need a good sleep after a night journey on a coach still the excitement will keep you going. Taake care love Christine and Malcolm