Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Paveytines Day. X

Just for the record, Mark isn't that special but i've only just figured the whole uploading pictures thing so he gets first dibs. You ALL know I would have done the same for you... (Except maybe Lozinge) (ha). The thing in the background is a view over Pai. Have a good one Mark! X


  1. Beautiful landscape covered by massive hand-Check
    Awesome Birthday Message-Check
    Stupid bracelets that everyone who goes travelling buys-Check


  2. Erm... yeah I agree on all accounts. However, regarding the bracelets, one was a gift and the other I bought from an old lady on the beach because she was lovely. For the record, I did the whole bracelet thing like, 7 years ago? Or even 3... Or maybe last year? Meh. X