Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pai (pronouced Pi)

The twisty road was all a bunch of scaremongering. Yeah ok it was twisty, just not extreme hardcore twisty. Definitey not enough to make me feel ill. One girl did get sick though, meh, lightweights.

Pai is a very small place, it's all nice and chilled out - very bohemian. Seems like a good little city with lots of lanes and a few hidden gems hidden around, you definitely can walk from one side of the city to the other. I had a little trek up to the temple on the hill with clear views across the valley which was swell. Then spent the day wandering the markets, some really nice t-shirts here graphic designer fans - strange, but I might invest.

Tomorrow im renting a bike and taking a trip to a waterfall and a few other temples - yeah, big gold buildings and buddhas dont get boring. No seriously, they dont... Ok maybe a little. Oh, and i've also figured out (like it was hard) how to upload pictures (oh yes) so i'll do that at some point - I know, I can feel your excitement... Or, just look on Facebook because folk seem to be uploading them there.

Like, totally. X


  1. Hi Tom looked at Pai on the internet looked very laid back also the roads and scenery seemed very relaxing.The Temples look pretty majestic and must have taken many laborious hours to constuct and decorate. We are so pleased that things are going OK and your feedback is tremendous. Have not been out for a week now have got another horrible virus however don't think I ever really got over the flue I had in October, never mind there are a lot of people far worse off than me. Keep on enjoying yourself take care love Christine and Malcolm. xxx

  2. Hi Tom, maybe you,ve got a stomach like an ELEPHANT...... which is why the twists didnt affect you .. :-) hope you had a good time on the bike today , mum xx

  3. Hey man,

    Sounds like you're having a great time, I am truely jealous! Keep up the blogging I enjoy your stories, even if after reading them I see white lines every time I blink.


  4. Ha Vaughan. I could change the colour... Because you're a graphic designer who studied at Brighton University, what do you suggest?