Friday, 30 January 2009

Bangkok (For One Night)

Back in Bangkok, only staying the one night and then catching me a night train to Chiang Mai tomorrow (19:55 Thailand time, 12:55 your time), takes about 10 hours but I get a bed so should be fine.

My friend Frida who I met on Ko Chang got the same boat/bus back with me to Bangkok and she's been here like five times so she knows lots of cool little places I missed. Im staying at a place a few streets down from Khaos San Road (the popular street - think Camden - where I stayed before) but still a nice place. Luckily because we've arrived on a Friday we get to experience the weekend market tomorrow. Apparently it's pretty amazing, if you can think of it, they'll sell it sort of place. I was last here on a Tuesday and Wednesday so missed it. I'll be taking orders for monkeys and snakes yeah?

It doesn't feel that i've been away from Bangkok for two weeks, there's such a difference here from the islands though. Luckily upon my return i've learnt quite a few Thai words so "Mia Kapp" (no thanks) comes in handy here. Everyone just tries to sell you suits! Yeah it's 35 degrees i'd LOVE a suit :-/

I miss the beach... X


  1. Hi Tom think a suit would be fine just have to be made of holes. Just send some of that 35 degrees over here its getting very cold again and we are being told to expect snow beginning of next week. Just bought a new tele as ours packed up on wednesday so we're catching up on the 21st century.Bet the train journey will be fun expect the locals will be cooking curry on there portable cookers. Pity it's overnight I think that the scenery on route will be pretty fantastic.Been watching a documentary about the elephant parks in Africa but I think that your's will be better as its a sanctuary.
    Hope all continues well I'm being bulied now by someone who wants there turn.
    Take care good travelling Malcolm

  2. Hi Tom glad you're not cold then, it is cold here and getting colder. Maybe it'll be cooler when you get to Chiang Mai. Don't buy too many souveneers at the market. Love and Peace! Christine, x

  3. Hello, I,m glad your ok and nice and warm.. it,s been nice coming home every night to your messages & reading what you,ve been doing, it seems as if you,ve been away longer that 2weeks though,but it does sound lovely i think i,d prefer the beach as well.. there,s not much news to tell you the stunt boy who fills in for harry potter had a serious accident y,day during filming & has a very bad back injury, federer & nadal are in the final of the australian open, benson,s been very good again this week dad had to take him back to the ets with his leg but it seems to be better now,& roma,s daughter,s following your travells too,I,ve had to buy a new printer all this printing of your blogs has worn it out & it will only print 1 page so when you send a long blog i have to write the rest out by hand so dad can read it when he gets home, hopefully nick will help me connect it as my other little helper,s a few miles away..i,m glad you,ve made lots of friends maybe you,ll meet up with them again om your travells round.Be carefull in the market esp with your valuables..hope your next step of your journey goes well,cant wait to hear about the elephants.. take care mum,dad and your fav friend.. xx & woof woof from him .

  4. You're printing my blog? Hmm... So lots of black then? What you should do (or have Nick show you) is to highlight all the text you want with the mouse (hold down the button and drag over text) then go to 'Edit' at the top, click 'Copy' and then open Microsoft Word or Textedit (I forget if you have Microsoft Word) and once you've opened a new document, go to 'Edit' again and click 'Paste'. That way it'll save you a HELL of a lot of ink. Just ask Nick (or even Malcolm) because he'll know, im surprised you haven't asked him for help already...