Friday, 9 January 2009

For My Benefit



  1. Hi Tom Great news I followed your flight progress on the computer from gatwick to doha and then onto bangkok. Good to read the blog christine now has itchy feet so who knows, what you said in the blog seems pretty cool bet you don't know what to look at first glad you let us all know look forward to next instalment take care chritine and malcolm

  2. Hi Tom glad you arrived ok I got a message from malcolm so I knew you,d arrived in Doha , it sounds great hope you have,nt got to much jet lag take it easy for a couple of days, benson,s been a very very good boy.... but its early days yet. this site is really great hope you get this msg ok thou.... you know me and computers.. take care chat soon mum & dad xx

  3. Hi hope you are OK really enjoy your news were thinking of you as we were putting the Mustard Yorkshire in the oven.Christine says she understands Brighton is well rated this time of the year. Ha!! Ha!! Only joking.We really hope you are having a great time we are following the map and it looks as though it just gets better. Love christine and Malcolm