Monday, 19 January 2009


So, 1 week down... 24 to go? The last 3 days have gone pretty quick, but you do literally forget about times and dates because you just dont need to know - kinda liberating. Also, not having my phone in my pocket is an added blessing, when I return i'll be worse than ever in using/switching on/picking up the damn thing :)

Im still on Ko Samet, leave for Ko Chang in 3 days (I think). Met some nice folk here, the bar staff by my room are all really nice, today they were teaching me Thai... But only phonetically (dont know how to spell that word), for instance "mia-kapp" is "no thanks" and "swa-di-kapp" is "hello".

Been hanging out with a guy called Matt, he's from Canada and is staying in the same block as me. Nice guy, he's into snowboarding and frisbee so we have a few things in common. On Saturday we met an Australian, a Swede and a Danish girl and we went to a local beach bar where they had fire jugglers (some great photos) and a Philippino band - very amusing, they were playing all English/American covers and did it pretty well. Their Britney Spears cover (ha) has amazing.

Ok well since interent here is costing me loads of Baht i'll leave it there. My eyes and brain feel good, body is healthy, foot no longer hurts... All is well. I will probably see you (metaphorically) in Ko Chang. X

P.s. I'll try and upload some photo's too... :)


  1. Hi Tom, it,s nice to hear from you again glad you,ve met some nice people & your chilled sounds lovely, glad you got my email ok and that your foots better dad asked about that y,day, Roma and everyone from next door send you best wishes they asked how you was at the w,end,would love to see some photo,s if you can do it, just relax and enjoy it but don,t forget the sun cream... chat soon luv mum,dad & benson xxx

  2. Hi Tom , mum again I,ve just found jep,s bungalows on the internet it does,nt show the accomodation but the beach and activities look great , it also says about the food so i hope its good and not to expensive ... take care xx

  3. Hi Tom good to see the latest from Ko Samet nice scandinavian birds bet they can bring a smile to the face. It really sounds like a cool place especially if you want to chill.The only chill here is the weather Christine cousin Gill goes to Thailand in a couple of weeks understand goes diving and snorkling.Take care Love christine and Malcolm

  4. Hi been looking at scenery and sites round Chiang Mai it is absolutely stunning so much to see and probably a big contrast to where you have been. Love reading your messages they are really starting to give us the travel bug again and putting thailand on our list. Take care chill out and enjoy. Love Christine and Malcolm

  5. Search for "Google Earth" on the internet, dont know if you've heard of it but it's what all the news channels use to show satelite pictures from space of the earth. You have to download it (not very big file) but it's an awesome thing, you can see everything from your own house to Ko Samet. I recommend :)