Thursday, 15 January 2009

Ko Samet

No words.
They are beyond me.
Postcard paradise.
No joke.
For less than six pounds a night.

Two nights in Bangkok extinguished by 2 minutes of Ko Samet.
Smog becomes smug.
All doubt goes walkies.

This will be my last post for a couple of days... Or maybe ten (?). Im staying at "Jeff's Bungalows" on the beach so i'll be working my tan (ha). Total rub your eyes moments aplenty.

Oh and Kate Ferrier, there are loads of fat people in skimpy outfits around, whenever I see them, I think of you... Not because you're fat, but because I imagine you laughing.

Adios! X


  1. Wow Tom this makes me so green with envy don't rub your eyes to much you might miss something even better. We are drawing lines on the map so it is easier to follow where you are going so it was great to get a list of places. Go for it and enjoy a great chance to see other cultures and there way of life.
    Take care Love Christine and Malcolm

  2. mum said..
    HI Tom, wow it does sound lovely maybe I,ll come back packing too ..this place sounds just right for me.. glad your getting all our reply,s you know me I,m never sure I,m doing it right :) I,ve marked out the map as well so I can see where you are , hope your eating ok and you,ve met lots of nice people,& taking lots of photo,s,look forward to your next msg. Take care love mum, dad & benson xxx

  3. Jeffs bungalows sounds well dodge..HI! dan x

  4. It's actually "Jep's Bungalows"... Ha, I know, sorry... I was tired! :)

    Perhaps less dodge now? X