Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ko Chang

Left Ko Samet to day after a 6 hour journey arrived in Ko Chang. It's hard to get an impression of it at the moment as I didn't arrive till 7ish, was luckily able to find a room at a place called Paradise Cottage before it got too dark. Think i'll only stay the one night here though before moving on - very quiet. Im at a place called Lonely Beach, which judging by this place, I see why. It's alot busier North though, but still very chilled out. Im paying 100 Baht more but my room here is really rustic and has alot of character - with en suite too! (well, it's outside but still fenced attached to my cabin so I guess that's where the extra 100 Baht come in, my room at Jeps had shared bathroom).

Spent the day in mini-buses, coaches and boats, one of those days where ironically, you just want to chill out, so maybe Paradise Cottage is a good place to spend my first night here. The coach was air conditioned though - and decorated like an old ladies' living room - but met a nice Scottish/New Zealand girl, made the bumpy coach journey a bit more bearable ;-)

There's apparently alot to do on Ko Chang, even have elephant trekking so i'll investigate that and see if I can get a bit of a taster before Chiang Mai. It's very jungly (think Jurassic Park) and pretty picturesque, seems much more greener that Ko Samet but definitely much more chilled. It's quite a big island (second biggest after Phucket) so you cant really just walk from beach to beach. Might enquire about renting a bike (push not motor) (well, maybe motor - the roads are flat here atleast).

Ok well my time seems to counting down on the internet. I still haven't figured out the whole uploading pictures thing, you all might just have to wait im afraid. Oh, and yesterday I saw my first proper Thailand sunset on Ao Prao Beach (Ko Samet) (!). But, I didn't take my camera but im sure there'll be plenty more. A memory, not a photo. All good things in sunsets. :)

Speak soon and hope everybody is doing ok. Maybe at some point i'll start missing a few of you... (except Benson, I kinda miss him, he'd love the beach!) X


  1. Hi Tom, benson,s missing you to ... he,s sleeping on your beanbag every night..but he,s been a very good boy so far. wow this place was quite away from ko samet then,was the scottish/n,zealand girl goin to the same place :-) it,s lovely to hear from you we,re all missing you ..but it,s boring as usual no news to tell you.. we,ll look forward to your next update, take care love mum,dad and benson xxx

  2. Hi Tom great to see you are still having a good time I will look at the google site. En Suite that's getting a bit posh thought you might be digging a hole in the ground.Going to see what I can find about Ko Chang we are enjoying following your travels and then looking at other places. Take good care love Christine and Malcolm

  3. You mean you would rather be in Thailand than coming to Brighton, going to the pub, staying up all night talking about life and sleeping on my floor? Ouch, that hurts Tom.

    Miss you loads, hope you haven't got any rubbish tattoos yet.

  4. hi Tom, well two weeks since you left home for paradise, you must be well chilled by now. Sounds good so far, we are getting quite clued up on Thailand, enjoying hearing from you. Keep well and enjoy the experience. Love Christine.