Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ko'ntinue to be in Chang

Hello there, how are we? Im still in Ko Chang, leave here Friday via Bangkok and then up to Chiang Mai. Times gone quick here, I mean I last posted on the 22nd but it doesn't feel that long ago. I'll be over informative in a bulletpoint style:

- Moved North along Lonely Beach to a place called Nature Beach, staying in wooden huts with showers - lots of character. Alot more is going on here... I mean not to rub it in, but i've been out every night... There's always a party somewhere, the bars & resorts rotate every day so there's something going on all the time.

- Met loads of folk, got a whole global group going on - German, Swedish, South American, Italian, French-Canadian, Danish... Been having much laughs. Seriously though, dickheads dont come traveling... I haven't met anyone like that, everyone's really nice (many Facebooks have been swapped).

- Went to a place called Khlong Phlu Falls, a big waterfall on the island. Im not so good with estimating heights, but i'd say like maybe... 80 ft? There's quite a few waterfalls and im sure there are better ones out there, but considering i've only seen things like that on tv, it was pretty stunning (took some good pics).

- And, had my first glimpse of elephants! They were doing the whole carrying tourists thing and we passed them on our mopeds but they seem very gentle and prehistoric. I've seen them before at London Zoo but this was different.

- Celebrated National Australia Day on Monday, there's lots of Aussies here so the all descended on our beach, had a good day drinking Australian beer - Pure Blonde anyone?

- Oh, and although I did have a go on a moped to try it out, I didn't feel totally confident so I rode on the back of Jeos' (French-Candian guy) who had been riding for bikes for a while. The roads here are quite good if a LITTLE steep and curvy in some places, but because the island is so big you need them to travel to the next town/beach. Tomorrow im going to go see the South pier if the weather holds out...

- Yeah, it rained last night all of a sudden when we were walking home, like a mini-monsoon. It seems speaking to the staff here, the weather is slowly changing (climate change) but it was quite funny seeing how surprised the Thai people were, like it was the last thing they expected. I know I certainly didn't expect it. It was also raining this afternoon so we just sat under the big hut and played music - oh and by the way Daniel Mumford, kudos for putting 'Battles' on my iPod, I know one of the songs from LittleBigPlanet, very good album! Was so Surprised, you defintely made my afternoon :)

- And to finish i'll just say that yesterday we played volleyball with the ladyboys (ha ha) and we lost - the weren't all ladyboys though. I know, the shame - but I haven't played in like 10 years...(!). They have a court set up by the beach so probably play everyday but they were just too good for us. Very amusing though, our team lost 3 out of 3 :(

- Ok i'll probably next post something when im back in Bangkok, i'll be there for a couple of days so im sure I can find a moment to post something - so much effort :)

...Oh, and of course, how could I forget, Happy Birthday Lozinge O'Rouke. I hope you have a really really lovely day. I see you in the face of every ladyboy, hairy armpits and all. Miss you! X



  1. Hi Tom, you are beginning to sound like a real hippy - groovy! Understand you want some news, the winner of big brother was Ulrika. Can't believe you are interested in big brother! Apart from that the news is too depressing.Keep having fun and watch those elephants. love Christine.xxxxx

  2. Hi Tom my turn now your trip sounds as though it is just getting better all the time. What a cool way to chill out. Sounds like a great bunch of people you are meeting, shame on you losing to the ladyboys. Think you'll have to do another pin picture when you get back everybody is saying that Gordon Brown is losing his marbles mind you I always thought he was a dick head, so you don't what him out there.
    A tremendous piece of flying by an american pilot who took off from one of New york
    's airports they struck a big flock of birds and lost the power of both engines. The pilot managed to glide the plane over the Hudson River and do a perfect belly landing everybody was saved. He is quite rightly being called a hero.
    I still keep looking on the internet at different places in Thailand you have got so much to look forward to seeing. I will try and collect together more news pieces for next time.
    In the meantime keep on being chilled especially now Christine things you are being a hippy good luck to you.
    Take care keeo in touch

  3. Erm, who said anything about me being interested in Big Brother? What is that... Like a TV show?... What's a TV? :)

    And on some level, i've always been a hippy. Must get it from you no? X