Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"You Know What, We're All Incredibly Flat Footed"

- Quote of the day (not to be some sort of new recurring feature).

Last day in Bangkok today, for the time being atleast. Will be returning later on as it basically forms the hub of my trip in Thailand. Visited the Reclining Buddha and Grand Palace today - all very impressive, they're very strict on clothing there so wripped shorts were definitely not popular... Nor were vests, T-shirts, tight fitting trousers, short shorts... Basically ALOT of 'dont dos'. Dont worry though, they provide covering up clothes - namely some thin baggy pantaloons for me - definitely investing in a pair of those when i get back!

So, like I said before, it feels like i've spent a lot longer than 2 days here. It's pretty intense when you arrive, lots of folk taking an interest in you and where you're going, but never in a threatening way, after an hour you're just used to it. Now though, in a way which only other people who have spent periods of time traveling will know, you just "get it". You feel totally at ease and get on with it because there's no mummy or daddy to hide behind - not that I do that but you get my point. I didn't expect to feel totally comfortable (for a first time backpacker) after just 2 days. It feels... Pretty good :)

Today I booked a few things to continue my journey, tomorrow I leave for the island of Ko Samet with an open ticket to continue to Ko Chang (both South-East of Bangkok). Will be staying for about 15 days over these 2 islands and then return to Bankok on January 31st for an overnight train journey to Chiang Mai (12 hours North) where I start my week long stay at the Elephant Sanctuary (Feb 2nd - Feb 8th). After that, I have 3 weeks to head South passing through Sukhothai, Umphang and Ayutthaya, before heading to Kanchahaburi (West of Bangkok) to visit The Death Railway.

From then, I head back to Bangkok where I have booked to go South to the Islands of Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui, then head overland South-East to Krabi and onto the islands of Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. This is an open ticket so I can stay for as long or as little in each place as I like before moving on. All this pretty much leads up to the end of March - which judging by my time so far - seems AGES away. From Phuket we'll see what happens but will head North again via Phang Nga, Khao Sok National Park and Ko Similan.

That's quite a big round up so i'll leave it there. Im well, foods good - lots of Western places aswell as Thai cafes, weather's great and everyone apart from those blasted Tuk Tuk drivers are really nice.

Nick, just to say, if you want to grab a Thailand/Cambodia map from my room to see where im going, feel free, they're on top of the desk behind my bed.

Speak soon! X


  1. Hi Tom, glad your having a good time. I see Ben sent u a message but Mum and Malcolm said they were having a bit of trouble. So im giving it a go. Hit me back to say you can see this. Cheers,


  2. Hi Tom great report with all your plans I am going to draw it out on the map. Very envious now wish we were there, hope you are receiving these notes. I let your Mum know by text as soon as I see anything as she is at work. Like the comment about the Tuk Tuk always thought from pictures that they ruled themselves.Have agreat time take care christine and malcolm

  3. wow Tom, what a diary ... I cant believe that takes you til the end of march though.... it does sound really interesting . I,m gonna try and print it off so I can follow it on the map better . As long as your eating , sleeping , and taking care I,ll be happy ... we,re missing you though the house is really empty but as you said the time will go really quickly . Have a safe onward journey chat again soon mum, dad, and your favourite baby boy benson xxx

  4. I can see ALL your comments :)

    It's good, i'll keep posting and you keep the comments coming!