Saturday, 31 January 2009

Night Train to Chiang Mai

I have 20 minutes to kill so decided to post another entry - all be it a less interesting one (probably).

The weekend market was awesome, SO many stalls down lanes and lanes of markets. You just walk in any direction and make it up as you go along because it's so big that you never have any idea which way is which, it's just rows and rows of stalls. I resisted buying stuff just because it's too early to be stocking up on souvenirs, I might send some stuff home though that I buy, a lot of people do that so MAYBE expect something in the post in five to six weeks (?).

Oh, and I haven't sent any postcards yet if you were wondering, it seems the North will be a lot quieter (but not any less beautiful) so will probably send out a few when im done at the elephant sanctuary.

I've also looked into spending a few days (maybe a week...) at a monastary in Chiang Mai. Frida's done it and apparently you're up at 4am every day, you're not allowed to speak and no meals can be eaten after 12pm. Ha, although tourists can get away with breaking the rules so we'll see.

Ok my computer's telling me time is up so i'll be off. See you (metaphorically) in Chiang Mai! X

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  1. Hi Tom your blogs are never boring, I reckon you want a free haircut that's what the monastary is about Ha Ha.Don't think I fancy getting up at 4am every day that's a bit naff!!.I bet the scenery in the north is more lush than where you have been and the forest more dense.The market must have made the Brighton lanes seem pretty boring, look forward to receiving you blogs all the news at home and around is pretty ugh at the moment. Have a good time at the elephant sanctuary and take care Christine and Malcolm xxxx they were from chrissy