Sunday, 15 March 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday Chris Elphick.

Christopher Alexandra Eleanor Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Elphick. Im sorry this is late. Im sorry there is no picture. This is either because im in the 3rd world and the internet is sparse, or it is because I dont actually care. I hope your "party" - i.e. you and Kate - was really good. I'll bring you back a wife as my gift to you. What would you prefer; Thai, Cambody or Vietnamese?

I cant believe you're nearly 30. X

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  1. Ok...well the fact that I haven't actually replied to your heart felt birthday message until now is sadly proof that I've been a bit lax of late in reading your blog. But I've just caught up- how fulfilling your life is right now! I hate you. (i don't)

    Kate and I had a really great party for two on my bday. We wrapped things up around 730, cos things were getting a bit wild- and Kate's auntie rose had come too stay.

    The clock is ticking Ting Tong, there's not that long till you'll be back (sobbing) in my arms, I'm counting down the days (as Natalie Imbruglia would say If you could bring me back an elephant wife that would be great. We can share her.

    I can't believe I'm nearly 30. Buh huh (sound of Moira Stewart crying). Christina x