Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ko Pha Ngan

So firstly that last post was supposed to say how the internet was very expensive on Ko Pha Ngan and thusly (that's a word?) was not using it. Unfortunately when I did cough up & post something it came out all Thai so that explains that.

Ko Pha Ngan was ok, but ok is all. There was a lot of price fixing and it was generally very expensive in every area (except maybe accommodation weirdly) and it felt a bit Wickerman, like they're all out to get ya. The beach and the island were what i've come to expect - same same - but in the build up to the Full Moon Party it got very busy, and not the good busy either. I dont know, there's people on holiday and there's people travelling, I think there's a big difference. Ko Pha Ngan was full of people on holiday - think Ibiza, Spain, Turkey... so it felt a bit soulless with a lot of dickheads (trilbys' and the common crop of shit tattoos). But I did meet a few nice people, 2 English guys (from Croydon) and 3 Swedes who I spent most of my evenings with. Also ran into some boys - I say boys becase they were like 18 - from Cambridge and they were also cool.

So the main reason anyone goes to Ko Pha Ngan is for the Full Moon Party (10th of every month) and I got there 5 days prior so got to enjoy the nightly build up of parties. The actual Full Moon Party when it arrived was just ok, been to better parties. It was cool to see a whole beach of people having a party and the atmosphere was great, but music wise it wasn't so diverse. Just Google 'Full Moon Party Ko Pha Ngan' for all other info. I will say I dont remember how I got home, I know I walked but I have no memory. And I had no shoes. When I woke up the next day (more evening) I was a bit bemused that I was in my bed because I always remember things (right Kate?).

I also managed to meet a friend who insisted on sleeping in my bathroom under the sink, he didn't talk much but I named him Sidney. I didn't see him that much either but was ALWAYS checking and when I did he made me run for the hills. Yeah... Imagine a spider the size of a hand. This was my room mate. It was like sleeping next door to a murderer. And dont even ask about using the toilet... Too many nightmare scenarios going on.

So right now i've just arrived in Ko Samui, internet is back to a non-ridiculous price and i've just booked a Visa run to Malaysia because mine ends tomorrow. Erm sorry have you seen the last 60 days because I seemed to have misplaced them.

Oh, and how good is Kung-Fu Panda? I love that movie. X


  1. O.K. Tom we get a slap on the wrist. You see you are so wise, we are so old and life is so simple. Yeah right. Glad everything is fine.Ciao. Christine.

  2. Ha, Christine you are just so casual with your "ciao". I like it. X