Saturday, 28 March 2009

Siem Reap

Arrived here 2 days ago and im staying at a $1 a night guesthouse called Garden Village. It's weird that aswell as their own currency - the Riel - they've adopted the American dollar so buying things is in both. Very confusing to work out what you're paying, especially after 10 weeks of the Thai Baht, but never a hassle. Cambodians' speak amazing English, much better than Thailand and they're amazingly friendly and helpful - seems what people said is true.

Siem Reap is the hub for seeing all the famous Ankor temples so im off tomorrow to see one of the nine wonders. Im buying a 3 day pass and hiring a bicycle to explore the ruins (which in it's entirity is over 300 square Km) with guys I met on my bus here. It was funny because of the 9 people on my bus, only I had any idea about where to stay (through recommendation of other travellers) so they all just came with me. We now have a sort of gang and I think 6 of us are doing the tour on bikes. Tres excitement.

And, just to say - family this is for you - that this is Cambodia, a very poor (yet growing) country so internet access might not be too frequent. My guesthouse here does have it but that might not case at every stop, so a short pause in posts is in no way a sign of my death (despite what the subtitle of the blog says). Panic alarms at zero yes? No news is good news.

A fascinating country awaits and I think i've fallen in love in 2 days. I spoke alot (ha) about spirit in Thailand - some places with less, some places with more. Well here it is very different, a very honest spirit. One which visually (so far), hasn't shown it's head above water but im sure tomorrow i'll have a different story after Ankor. Whatever happens, I think the best way to describe Cambodia at the moment is in it's people; happy, friendly, helpful and full of respect. X

P.s. As hard as I tried in Bangkok to upload pictures for Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket and Khao Sok - it just wouldn't happen. And they're good pictures too. Now unfortunately you might have to wait till my return - worth it though, promise :)


  1. Luckhurst to Tom, message received and understood. You are not lost in Cambodia, you are safe and well. Bravo, cheers. love Christine.

  2. Hi Tom really glad all is going well although a poorer country the people probably appreciate what they have more than the people in the so called developed western world where greed takes over. Have just looked at some pictures that are on the web and it looks a fascinating country,also found Garden Village although there were no pictures. Sure we understand your comments and always thought that this was likely to be the case in Cambodia.Map is already changed and marked up as we plot your progress continually.Shame the camera did not dry out quicker but as you say updating is not always a bad thing. Continue having a great time take care love Christine and Malcolm