Thursday, 19 March 2009

Ko Phi Phi

The most beautiful place in Thailand and not because Hollywood says so either. Did a boat tour around the islands and beaches for a day, which also included snorkeling. The water and scenery was unreal, something like "super paradise" would probably suffice. The snorkeling was in water that was crystal clear with so many tropical fish and coral and marine life, literally swimming past your face not bothered by your pressence. Some guys also saw sharks - Black Tip I think they're called - but I didn't unfortunately, they're quite small and not aggressive or anything. The best part for was coming into a school of fish that morphed and changed direction when I reached out to touch them. The tour culminated in a visit to "The Beach" beach - see film mum & dad because you own it - and it was nice. I say nice because the actualy beach is same same, but the view out is incredibly, it's completely incased in cliffs with a sinlge opening looking out over the open ocean (basically a big letter C). It's also stupidly busy most of the time due to the movie but we got there just before sunset so was less so. I say again, Thailand is awesome.

Ko Phi Phi though, for the record, was badly hit by the tsunami in 2004 so most of the main town is still a construction site with building work everywhere - lots of concrete understandibly so feels very touristy. You dont see or hear it but over 2000 people died there, yet you can walk the island in a day probably so that's an incedible amount of people on such a small piece of land. Despite it all though Phi Phi has some of the nicest people and a great spirit, St. Patrick's day & the Half Moon Party were a blast.

So I arrived via ferry in Phuket today (poo-ket, not phuck-it) and Im staying at Phuket Backpackers Hostel which I think is the cleanest place I have ever seen, with 4 bed 'cubicles', a great cinema room and more free internet to abuse. I think im gonna relax for my time here, the early mornings and late nights and Half-Moon parties and extreme sports leave ol' Havell tired. I will however upload some pictures at some point today. X

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  1. Hi Tom have a little look at your e-mails there might be a little surprise for you. Love the blog as if we would use the second option of Phuket Ha Ha!!! Didn't realise just how many lost there lives at that one place what a tragedy.Poor ol'Boy age is catching up pace is obviously to much for the cool DUDE,yes just have a chiil out for a couple of days and watch the world go by and people watch. Good that you have been able to do some of these things gives you a sense of achievement. The area just seems idyllic must be sensational with the clear water and all that marine life just swimming around. Sounds as though the party was better than the full moon one on Ko Pha Ngan. Take care love Christine and Malcolm