Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ko Tao

Killing 3 hours at 4:00am waiting for the 7:00am ferry from Chumphon wasn't the best start. Why they make you leave Bangkok so early I do not know. Although I now know how to Play Uno.

Anyway, Ko Tao (or Turtle Island), it's back to yee ol' "postcard paradise" seen some months ago. It would be a diving hotspot if I knew how to swim but I just get to settle for the sun and the beach. Everyone's been telling me the South is more expensive but here it's pretty much the same as Ko Samet/Ko Chang - except im paying 200 Baht less a night. So... cheaper then (?). Unbelievably though, after 2 & a half hours of laying on the beach, I was burnt. Kinda forgot how strong the sun was South of Bangkok, will not be leaving my legs uncoated again, and will also definitely not be falling asleep. See, this is what happens when you're waiting for a ferry at ridiculous o'clock. Meh. Today was all about the shadeshine for me.

Ko Tao is pretty small, you could walk most of it, the roads are not great but I dont expect them to be. I've been going to the same beach for the 2 days i've been here, but tomorrow im doing some exploring. Been told to head South for some nice secluded beaches and great viewing spot over the island. I know it's a viewing spot because it says so on my map - it even has a little telescope icon. There aren't many folk during the day, most do the whole 9-5 diving thing so i've been occupying myself with a book, my iPod and food (some pretty good resaurants here). Will probably leave for Ko Pha Ngan on Thursday depending on if I meet any stay-worthy travellers.

Im now off to eliminate the nest of ants having some sort of parade through my room, must be Ant Pride. Adios X

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