Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Kanchanaburi in 3 Pictures.


  1. Hi Tom another great set of pictures to go along with a somewhat amusing write up.Shame about the sunburn you must have looked a bit like a flamingo, lesson to be learnt use plenty of sun tan lotion. Bit of a bummer having to wait for three hours for the ferry at that time in the morning still must have been preparing your energy levels to tackle the ant parade. So glad that you are enjoying your adventure and keeping us all updated, you certainly aren't missing anything here the weather has turned cold again and we have just had another three inches of snow. Look forward to the next episode in the meantime take care Christine and Malcolm

  2. Hi Tom, pictures are good, it does,nt look very safe though ... we have,nt had any more snow its just turned cold again, hope you got rid of your parading visitors.. :-) who knows where they,ll get.... hope your chilling out on the beach in the shade though, looking forward to the next read.. mum & dad xx