Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Pickle.

So, it seems my camera is indestructable - they dont make 'em like they did 6 years ago. Either that or I have good camera karma. Yesterday, I switched it on and it's working like it always did, no moisture or nothing, pictures like they should be. Guess it just needed a few extra days to dry. Good news yes? Well... this is 2 days after buying a new one for an amount (although cheaper than in the UK) I didn't really want to spend. So return it I hear you say (?), well they only offer exchanges, upgrades or repairs - no cash refunds (!). So alas, I now have 2 working cameras. But I do actually quite like my new one (once i've charged it anyway), it's got 10 million pixels, 5x zoom... plus a hundred other features my old one doesn't have - including a massive screen - so ultimately I think it was time for a replacement, I just hate replacing things that already work.

And an amusing note, on Khao San Road, if you sit and wait long enough (Pad Thai in hand usually), someone you've met on your travels will eventually wander by. It is the way of the street. X

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