Monday, 30 March 2009

Happy Birthday Malcolm Luckhurst

Internet was down here yesterday so apologiese for delay. Hope you have a nice day with nothing too strenuous on the cards (i.e. selling houses). I enjoy reading your (and Christine's) comments on the blog and im glad someone out there is enjoying my waffle about the world.

Today im off to a group of Wats called the Roluos group, about 12km from Siem Reap. Tomorrow I get to see the majesty of the Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom with (hopefully) some sort of sunset - last night was very overcast.

Ok well goodbye for now and if I knew happy birthday in Cambodian i'd be ending this post with it. See yall later. X


  1. Hi Tom you made me a very HAPPY CHAPPY with your message. As I knew you had a three day pass for the Ankor Temples I guessed you were having long days and were saddle sore but I was really pleased to receive it. I know what you mean with the internet ours has been a pain in the backside despite complaining nothing much seems to be happening.Looked on the internet at the temples looked facinating must have taken forever to build all those years ago what a testament to the workers skills and materials.Yes we do enjoy your reading your blogs they have been very educational and given a good incite to that part of the world and area that we have not really thought to much about before. We are going to London on Wednesday to meet up with people we used to work with when I first met Christine, it will be a long day but the worst thing is there are now goinig to be a lot of demonstrations that day over all this finacial crisis. Damn Gordon Brown he is holding a so called G20 group meeting so disruption could be the name of the game. Why can't they have them somewhere else.Think we will back ours bags and off to Thailand out of it all.
    Take good care Love Christine and Malcolm

  2. Haha, you guys would love Thailand. Sorry there was no picture to go with the message but things are obviously a bit primitive here. I WILL however try to take a picture of Angkor Wat with a birthday message within, even as a gift when I return. Have fun at your reunion (like friends reunited) and this G20 business makes me even more happy to be away.

    With a wave and a smile.

    T. X

  3. Hi Tom well what do you know, through the letter box today dropped a postcard can't believe it all that distance in five days.It was big surprise don't worry about all info being on the blog cause we love reading it.Chris says if we suddenly turned up you would run a mile with shock. Bit of a bugger our reunion was cancelled on the advice of the police, it has been a panick for the organiser letting everyone know,they enlisted our help with our friends from Spain as they could not contact them. Fortunately we managed to with some help from a mutual friend, we also nearly lost the money for the coach tickets but have managed to transfer them to next week and will have a day in the shops in london instead.
    Understand you have a sore bum so my earlier message was appropriate hope it is better now otherwise you will be walking like John Wayne.
    Hope everything is going OK take care Love Christine and Malcolm